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Shardeum Feb’23 Updates

Hello Shardeum Fam! ✨
February sure flew by quickly, and it was indeed an awesome month for Shardeum!
This month we released Shardeum Sphinx 1.1 version, grew our community beyond the English-speaking population, partnered with some impactful projects in the web3 space, and more.
Here’s a snapshot of what our February looked like ⤵️
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Diving deeper into the details, we have 👇🏻

Shardeum ‘Sphinx’ 1.1 Version

  1. Shardeum Betanet i.e. Shardeum Sphinx was launched on 2nd Feb’23, where the Public Demo of Sphinx was watched by over 2500 people live!!

2. On 15th Feb’23, we launched the 1.1 version of Shardeum Sphinx with updates like tech support for rolling validator updates, improved feedback for standby nodes and some bug fixes, and more improvements 🚀

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3. Within 12 hours of the launch, we had ~800+ nodes running on our newer version of the Betanet from which over 650 were community-run nodes.

We have over 5000 nodes running at the moment!
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Community, Growth & Traction

  1. Our Telegram Community crossed the milestones of 10k and 20k members in Feb and we now stand at 22,200+ community members on our Global Telegram Group.
  1. Our Discord Server saw amazing growth and we are now a community of 245,000+ members there.
  1. Our following on Twitter stands at 130k+ at the moment, the fastest in India!
  1. In Feb, Shardeum organized 23 IRL Proof Of Community events across India and 2 International – USA and Nigeria, where a total of 1487 people joined us to learn about Shardeum and build in the Web3 space!
    1. Shardeum organized 6 Online Events including 1 Hackathon that was attended by people globally!
Some Snippets of our events across India, the US, and Nigeria!
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  1. Our Website traffic growth is at 32% Increase from Jan 2023 whereas our Blog traffic growth is at 56% increase from Jan 2023!
  1. We improved our logo after following some design principles, and a few minor corrections and came to a conclusion with the collaborative efforts of our community 🙌🏻
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Over 7k community members voted for the new logo!
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Shardeum Initiatives

  1. Launched Shardeum is borderless: an initiative to stimulate the growth of web3 beyond the English-speaking population. The community can publish any language blogs and articles on 3rd party blogging platforms/websites about Shardeum.
  1. We hosted Crypto Crossroads with Struck Crypto, Reserve protocol, and Moby app that was filled with good conversations and connections!
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    1. Our Podcast is now on Spotify!
We have recorded each podcast live on our Discord and each episode was viewed and listened to by ~200 people live!!
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Partnerships & Collaborations

Shardeum partnered and collaborated with 5 big projects this month to expand the ecosystem – OKX Wallet, Axelar Network, BitKeep, LugaNodes, and DAOStarter.

That’s it for this month!
Can’t wait to share what we’ve in store for March 2023  🙌
Do reach out to hi@shardeum.org in case of any doubts or discussions.