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Shardeum – Jan’24 Updates

Hello and welcome to the January Updates,

I hope the new year has commenced on a positive note for you.

The team has been hard at work building out the essential infrastructure for this year’s Shardeum Mainnet launch, all the while pushing forward to make decentralization accessible to everyone.

A big thank you to our community members, and supporters worldwide. Your assistance has been invaluable throughout the entire journey of building, testing, debugging, and refining the network. Your continued support is appreciated.

Looking ahead, Shardeum is gearing up to roll out various testnet versions in the coming months, leading up to the grand reveal of the world’s first fully-featured, auto-scaling Blockchain!

Here’s how the month of January looked for us  ⤵️

Now, let’s delve into the details👉

Shardeum Sphinx Network

In January, we rolled out multiple versions of Sphinx Network 1.9, addressing bug fixes, enhancing network stability, and preparing for the launch of our incentivized Testnet.

Since the latest release of version 1.9.5, the Shardeum network consistently boasts over 19k nodes joining the network.

In-progress and upcoming features for the Mainnet launch include More Linting, Archiver verification of Validator node data, Perf testing, Validator node slashing, Patents, and open-sourcing the Shardeum Explorer code.

The metrics below are since the latest version release –

Sphinx Dapp is now sunset – Keeping the TVL & history intact, Sphinx Dapp is now sunset. Sphinx Validator 1.9.0 is the most feature-complete testnet yet & as we proceed toward mainnet, new updates will be only on one testnet, referred to as Sphinx.

Ecosystem & Partnerships

New Year, New Mission 🚀

Shardeum is taking Web3 adoption to new heights this year with #Web3Mission2024 in collaboration with the amazing projects in our ecosystem.

Our ecosystem partners have been making waves with their initiatives to make decentralization accessible to all!

A team of students from SRM Chennai, India launched Mintair – One Click Node platform to make ‘running a node on Shardeum’ easier and generated over $30K in revenue within 2 weeks!

Our ecosystem partner, Spheron launched a Telegram BOT that enables people to run Shardeum node directly from their phone

Shardeum’s ecosystem partner – DotSHM recently announced a UI update and is partnering with Zezu, another project in Shardeum’s ecosystem. We love to see this collaboration that Shardeum is nurturing!

Explore quests on Shardeum using the WALL APP!

Community, Growth & Traction

Shardeum is now a community of 1 Million+ people and is rapidly expanding globally!

Here is a visual representation of the leading top 10 countries driving traffic to our website:

We are one of the fastest-growing testnet globally, and we welcome you to be a part of the community across: Discord | X | Telegram | Reddit | YouTube

To date, Shardeum has organized 322 Proof of Community events, with a total attendance of over 20,000 people, across 10 countries!

In January, we successfully organized 20 events in 18 cities across the US, India, Japan, Vietnam, and Nigeria!

Shardeum held the largest Proof of Community – USA event in NYC with over 125 participants, in partnership with blockchain clubs from Cornell University, Columbia University, Harvard University, and New York University!

We completed one year of Proof of Community in Nigeria!

To date, we have organized 50 events across 34 cities and now proudly have 96 contributors from there helping us organize more events and spreading the knowledge!

In January, we organized our first-ever #POC events in Nha Trang, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan

Our website and brand got a makeover in Q4 of 2023, check it out – Explore the New Shardeum Website!

Shardeum’s Website traffic has soared by 236%, blog traffic has increased by 33%, and a 135% surge in Newsletter subscribers, since December 2023. Our events and meet-ups across various countries have also seen a ~33% increase.

In addition, our total users from the US have grown to 6.5% of the global users!

Shardeum Initiatives

Shardeum is Borderless – We’ve launched an initiative to stimulate Web3 growth beyond the English-speaking population. Community members can publish blogs and videos in any language on popular media platforms about Shardeum. To date, we’ve received over 1700 blogs and video submissions from contributors in 47+ countries across 36+ languages. In January alone, 225 guest blogs and videos were submitted by the community!

Blockchain Grandmaster Quiz – We launched a quiz to engage the wider community in our mission to make decentralization accessible to all. This initiative garnered over 48K participants in a week!

Shardeum – What people are saying about us?

The highlight of January in the web3 space was easily the approval of Bitcoin ETF by SEC.

Our co-founder Nischal Shetty talked to the media channels regarding the same, find comments here:

Shardeum’s CGO, Kelsey McGuire joined the ‘At the Groupo Podcast’ team to talk about Shardeum and how we are solving the Web3 trilemma!

Shardeum’s VP of People, Jereme Holiman’s Op-ed as covered by ExpressComputer on how Web3 is empowering Indian developers, creating a global tech hub in India!

Shardeum Team

Our team has grown to 63 members, with 4 new team members added in January!

We recently launched our ecosystem job board in partnership with 15 Shardeum ecosystem projects and across all our partners we have 421 open roles!

Open roles at Shardeum –

Ecosystem Job Openning –

What’s next

  • Tech:
    1. Shardeum Atomium – Launch of Incentivised TestnetShardeum Patent filingsOpen sourcing of the Shardeum Explorer code
  • Community, Growth, Partnerships & Events!
    1. First Proof of Community Event in Malaysia & Thailand.
    2. Incentivised testnet campaigns
    3. Shardeum at ETHDenver
    4. Partnership with Stanford Blockchain for BASS
    5. Shardeum University🎓
    6. Founder Workshop campaign
  • Programs & Exchanges:
    1. Bug Bounties
    2. Exchange listings
    3. Shardeum Airdrop: Phase 1

That wraps up January, marking the beginning of our 2024 updates!

Thank you for your continuous support, and please reach out to [email protected] with any thoughts or questions!

Warm Regards,

Nidhi Soni

Strategic Initiatives Lead