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Shardeum Nov’23 Updates

Greetings from the Shardeum Team,

I hope you had a fantastic November!Last month brought significant strides in partnerships, community expansion, and media recognition in the US.Here’s how the month of November looked for us  ⤵️

Now, let’s dive into the details 👉

Shardeum Whitepaper

Shardeum’s Co-founder and CTO, Omar Syed, unveiled the Shardeum Whitepaper on November 8th, 2023, live on our YouTube channel.

Explore the Shardeum Whitepaper here: Shardeum Whitepaper

Sphinx Validator & Sphinx Dapp

In November, we rolled out Sphinx Validator versions 1.8.0 and 1.8.1, addressing fixes for bugs in binary serialization and for zombie nodes entering the network, and enhancing network stability.

Since the launch, the Shardeum network now boasts over 16k nodes!

Upcoming features on the horizon for Mainnet include more linting, archiver verification, performance testing, Validator node slashing, Patents, and open-sourcing the Shardeum Explorer code.

Below metrics are since the latest version release –

Sphinx Dapp in addition to the existing Sphinx network is a parallel testnet for devs and the community. Sphinx Dapp 1.7.1 is live, with performance fixes and enhanced validator robustness.

Sphinx Dapp Metrics 🔨

One of our ecosystem projects, Swapped Finance is already live on Sphinx Dapp 1.7.1 network 👉

Shardeum’s Road to Mainnet

The roadmap outlines a comprehensive view of the crucial features that need to be completed to ensure a successful mainnet launch. With each feature categorized, described, and assigned tentative go-live dates for both the Sphinx Dapp and Sphinx Validator, the roadmap offers a clear peek into the team’s progress.

The Notion board is regularly updated with the latest developments. Currently, we have only 6 tasks in progress and 1 in to-do. We welcome your collaboration in shaping the future of decentralization.

Shardeum across the globe

Shardeum’s Head of Operations and Partnerships, Shahzad Nathani represented Shardeum at Lugano’s Plan B, DevConnect, and EthGlobal Istanbul in November.

  • Plan B Forum in Switzerland

DevConnet, Istanbul & EthGlobal Istanbul

Community, Growth & Traction

Shardeum’s community is expanding rapidly, reaching countries like the USA, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Korea!

With over 800k community members across Discord, Twitter(or X), Telegram, and Reddit, we’re one of the fastest-growing testnets globally.

To represent the vibrant and welcoming community of Shardeum, our website and brand have got a makeover!   Explore the New Shardeum Website!

(Changes will be gradually reflected on all pages)

Shardeum’s Website traffic has soared by 89%, and blog traffic has increased by 49% since October. Our events and meetups across various countries have seen a ~5% increase.

Proof of Community – Backpacking India Edition

Our POC Backpacking journey, in partnership with OKX, covered 53 colleges across 47 cities, and 25 states, educating 4,237+ students about Blockchain technology and the need for decentralization!

Our journey concluded on November 30th, 2023. Watch the Journey Video, below!

To date, we’ve completed over 288 Proof of Community events, and in November alone, we successfully organized 20 events across India, Nigeria, Kenya, South Korea, and Singapore!

Shardeum is Borderless – We’ve launched an initiative to stimulate Web3 growth beyond the English-speaking population. Community members can publish blogs and videos in any language on popular media platforms Shardeum.

To date, we’ve received over 1000 blogs and video submissions from contributors in 47+ countries across 36+ languages. In November alone, 226 guest blogs and videos were submitted by the community!

Under this initiative, the Shardeum whitepaper has been translated into 10 languages by community members across 11 countries in November. Languages include Spanish, Bahasa (Indonesian), German, Persian, French, Ukrainian, and more!

Partnerships & Collaborations

150+ projects are a part of the Shardeum ecosystem. This includes products that are live on Shardeum today and those that have agreed to support Shardeum and will be live soon.

To expand our ecosystem, Shardeum partnered with Coin98 wallet!

OKX partnered with Shardeum for Proof of Community – Backpacking India edition where we covered 47 cities across 25 states in India to spread the knowledge about Blockchain!

To grow our community in Japan 🇯🇵, we partnered with Skyland Ventures this month for the CryptoLand Web3 Startup Program!

Push Protocol partnered with our team for their ‘Billion Reasons to Build’ campaign where Shardeum DevRel Engineer, Sandipan Kundu organized a workshop on building AMMs and more!

Shardeum – what people are saying about us?

Our co-founder, Nischal Shetty’s Op-ed on Financial Express:

Shardeum’s whitepaper release was covered in Odaily (a prominent Chinese media) & Blockbeats.

Shardeum’s CGO, Kelsey McGuire’s Op-ed as covered by Blockworks on preconceived notions about web3, crypto and blockchain and also how focusing on a few key geographic markets isn’t decentralization!  

Kelsey’s quote as covered by Cointelegraph, on how L2 spur improvements to Layer 1.

Shardeum’s new brand design and visual identity as covered by Yahoo Finance

How can you work at Shardeum ?

We are hiring for new roles such as Security Engineer, Software Engineer and more!

Please send any profile that you think might be a good fit for Shardeum.

Here is our Careers Page:

How you can support Shardeum

  1. We are LIVE with Sphinx Validator 1.8.2! Try running a node: Run Shardeum Validator Node and help us with your feedback to make decentralization accessible to all!
  2. Shardeum Whitepaper is LIVE! Please read here and provide us with your valuable feedback 👉
  3. We would love your support in Shardeum’s ecosystem growth. If you are looking to build an application from social to DEX to any category, consider deploying your project on Shardeum 👉 👉 Shardeum Quickstart
  4. We are hiring for new roles such as Security Engineer, Software Engineer, and more! Please check our careers page for more details: ****

That’s a wrap for November!

December is shaping up to be the month of key campaigns, and significant progress on the Shardeum Sphinx Validator side. Thank you for your continuous support 😊

Please reach out to [email protected] with any thoughts or questions!