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People Ops @ Shardeum: Building in Public

Building in Public

I had the great pleasure of joining the Shardeum team this past fall – tasked with building out the People Operations function for the first time in its early journey towards bringing decentralization to everyone. As this is my initial foray into the budding Web3 community as an operator I was energized by the opportunity to look at things differently than I have in the past (i.e. in Web2) and to build with OCC in mind.

For those who don’t know about OCC, the quick primer on it is that it represents the Open, Collaborative, and Community driven approach of our values that guide how we operate and scale Shardeum. It is how we bring decentralization to everyone. Starting today with this post, People Operations at Shardeum is committing to building in public and showcasing our own flavor of People Operations. Our goal is to be the gold, ahem, I mean SHM, standard in Web3.

My ask from this community is that you hold us accountable to these values and to be a partner to Shardeum by helping us build a world class organization and structure that brings this novel tech to all those that need it. We seek to earn everyone’s dedication to this cause and thank everyone for the opportunity.

My promise to this community is that Shardeum People Ops will share on this blog how we do things, how we’ve won, how we’ve lost, and what we’ve learned all along the way.

My door is always open – please reach out to me if you want to chat or have a suggestion to offer us.

About the author : Jereme Holiman is VP of People at Shardeum. Previously, he served for 4 years as Co-Founder & VP of People at Clyde Technologies. Prior to Clyde, he Co-founded and ran operations for UrbanStems, a DTC floral and gifting company. He lives in Southern California with his wife and 2 young sons and is excited about the ambition and promise of the Shardeum project, and looks forward to supporting its growth and launch. You can follow/connect with the author via Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.

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Last Updated on October 25, 2023

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