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Web 3 resources are typically free so grab your chance early in the ecosystem & reward yourselves by learning and pursuing tech/non-tech opportunities.

Shardeum Updates: Week 22

Week 22 Updates

Liberty 1.1 release, Foundation Council, Building Shardeum and more!

Shardeum Testnet token cryptocurrency mint claim
Tech Tutorials

How to Mint Your Cryptocurrency on Shardeum Testnet using Remix – Part 1

Shardeum alpha-testnet was launched recently and this is the right time for you to build your dApps and become a leader in the ecosystem

Shardeum Testnet Smart Contracts
Tech Tutorials

How to Deploy Smart Contracts on Shardeum Testnet Using Hardhat?

This blog will show you how to deploy your first smart contract on EVM based Shardeum’s testnet ‘Liberty’ using Hardhat

Decentralized Decentralization

What is Decentralization and Why is it Important?

A high degree of decentralization with reasonable level of centralization across our societies is vital for all of us to advance as a civilization.

Web 3
web 3.0

What is Web 3.0 and Why Is it Very Important for You?

Web 3.0 is increasingly moving the control and power from centralized institutions to people finally.

Top Stablecoins 2022

Top Stablecoins in 2022

When we think about cryptocurrencies, we automatically associate them to be volatile. This discourages average people to invest, transact or even think about using crypto …

crypto hack scam

Beware of These 12 Crypto Scams & Ways to Avoid Them

This article throws light on various forms of crypto scams that we see in the world today along with ways to avoid them.

Best Decentralized Storage

Top 6 Best Decentralized Storage Networks You Should Know in 2023

Decentralized data storage is critical for the success of Web 3.0 so users and creators can take control of the internet once and for all.


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