Shardeum Updates: Week 38

Tech, business, marketing and comms updates from Week 38

What Is A Crypto Whale & Why Do They Matter

What Is A Crypto Whale & Why Do They Matter? 

Whales are the largest animals (yup! Even larger than dinosaurs) that have ever existed on the planet. Some of the most ferocious beings, whales, rule …

List of the Best Crypto Staking Coins Thumbnail

A Comprehensive List of the Best Crypto Staking Coins

Introduction Cryptocurrency transactions are verified and validated using a number of mechanisms like the Proof-of-Work for Bitcoin, Proof-of-Stake for Ethereum (very soon), and Proof of …

Top EVM Compatible frameworks to build DApps

Top EVM Compatible Frameworks To Build DApps

You must have come across the word DApp multiple times but have you wondered what is a DApp? Google, Twitter, and Facebook run on systems …


Shardeum Updates: Week 37

Tech, business, marketing and comms updates from Week 37

What Is A Blockchain Wallet thumbnail

What Is a Blockchain Wallet & How Does It Work?

What is ‘Blockchain Wallet’? With the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets worldwide, the use of blockchain wallets is on the rise. No …

benefits of blockchain - thumbnail

What are the Benefits of Blockchain?

Blockchain technology, over more than a decade of its existence has traveled from being a disruptive force to a foundational beam setting up the infrastructures …

what are altcoins - thumbnail

What are Altcoins? A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies Beyond Bitcoin

“The world is gradually waking up to the fact that every form of money that exists at the moment, except blockchain-based Bitcoin and other altcoins, …

What is Metaverse Cryptocurrency

What is Metaverse Cryptocurrency

What is Crypto Metaverse? With Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook having been renamed Meta, the Metaverse is a concept even those not in the know about the …

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