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Shardeum Quarterly updates 2023
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Join us for Shardeum Quarterly Updates on 7th June

Shardeum quarterly updates will be presented live on 7th June to the community, validators to install Sphinx v1.3.1 and other updates


Ecosystem Update: FourPi x Shardeum

Shardeum is thrilled to welcome FourPi to its ecosystem. FourPi creates credit scores for cryptocurrency, Web3, and the DeFi ecosystem. FourPi solves the problem of …

What are Transaction Fees in Blockchain
Blockchain BasicsTransactions in Blockchain

What are Transaction Fees in Blockchain?

Transaction fees are charges paid for processing cryptocurrency transactions, often used to incentivize validators in blockchain networks. Know more about transaction fees

Shardeum Team performance reviews
OCCShardeum News

Shardeum Team Performance Reviews

In line with the project’s OCC principle, Shardeum People Operations team aims to transparently showcase how team members’ performance is calibrated

OCCShardeum News

Sphinx 1.3 is Live! Run Validators and Deploy Your Dapps

Shardeum Sphinx 1.3 went live on 19th May. Install and run your node on the network easily. Developers can start deploying dapps on the testnet.

Blockchain BasicsSmart Contracts & Decentralized Applications

What is Solidity and How is it Used?

Solidity is a programming language created by Ethereum team for creating & executing smart contracts on blockchain platforms. Know more about solidity in this blog

What is Composability in Blockchain
Blockchain ArchitectureBlockchain Basics

What is Composability in Blockchain?

Composability combines or connects various DeFi protocols and apps in a permissionless & cost-free manner. Read more about composability in blockchain in this article

Top 10 Decentralized Social Media For 2023
Blockchain BasicsPopular Blockchain Dapps

10 Decentralized Social Media For 2023

Decentralized social media are platforms for distribution, content creation, & social engagement. Explore this article to get information on decentralized social media

What is a Blockchain Validator_ A Brief Explanation
Blockchain BasicsBlockchain Nodes

What is a Blockchain Validator? A Brief Explanation

A blockchain validator is a node on the network that’s in charge of verifying network transactions. In this blog, explore more on the blockchain validator

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