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Shardeum Updates: Week 28

Shardeum Updates: Week 28

Tech, business, marketing and comms updates from Week...

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Here’s a recap of what we happened previous week at Shardeum:


Last week, we ran a cycle-protocol simulation of Q1, 2, 3, 4 with mock P2P. We also set up a security pipeline on the archiver. We also looked into places to identify archiver’s DOS vulnerability and ran more tests for security patch. We manually reviewed 15 security vulnerability reports by GitLab SAST (static application security test) scanner within source code of archiver. We also looked into improving EVM fail receipts, set up RPC explorers to add load testers to dev networks. We are also preparing for Liberty 1.2 launch by conducting several local and dev testing with 35 node networks. We worked on data sync fixes, patcher fixes, cleanup and refactoring, supporting EIP712 fixes and testing EIP712 signatures with simple smart contracts.


We’re in the process of setting up an Indian subsidiary of the Shardeum foundation. Meanwhile, we continue to onboard and engage with investors from the Shardeum seed round.

Marketing & Comms

We planned and held demo onboarding calls for new members last week. We’re also working on increasing the visibility of contributors’ contributions. We continue to evaluate vendors for the Education Program, hackathon and other events. We also reviewed, edited and published 3 blogs, and 15 Q&As on Quora.

Areas where you – our community – can help us:

  • If you have any PR contacts or podcasts recommendations where we can introduce Shardeum, reach out to [email protected] (or #betamode on Discord)
  • We’re working on hosting webinars. If you have any recommendations for speakers, please let us know.

Open positions at Shardeum:

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