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Announcement: SharDex launches on Shardeum

We’re thrilled to share that SharDex – the first community-driven and all-in-one DEX on Shardeum – has deployed on the Shardeum testnet.

It has deployed with the following core functions:

  • SharDex Bridge, which can help users transfer assets from other blockchains to Shardeum
  • SharDex Earn, which provides users with various DeFi financial products, including Farm and Pool
  • SharDex Swap, which is a swap function with the AMM algorithm

SharDex’s mission is to provide a place where people can buy and sell with the best experience. It aims to make it easier for users to access financial services on Shardeum by building a secure and user-friendly financial infrastructure on the chain.

Read more about them here.

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