Top Layer-1 Crypto Projects to Watch in 2022

Watch out for these 8 crypto networks in 2022 as they bet on scaling up the current Web 3.0 ecosystem

Shardeum community technology solidity software developer

Shardeum – A Network Run By Community

This blog visits how Shardeum launched its project with the help of its community in an open and collaborative way

Cryptocurrency Sanction

Cryptocurrency & Sanctions – A Mismarriage?

Is it right to punish citizens of an entire nation from accessing financial services for the actions of a few?


Hot & Cold Wallet in Crypto

Wallet is a service that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital assets.

Dynamic State Sharding Shardeum

What is Dynamic State Sharding in Shardeum?

Shardeum is uniquely poised to rival Ethereum and its smart contracts through dynamic state sharding

EVM Ethereum
web 3.0

Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM – In Simple Words

EVM is a decentralized virtual machine that deploys software applications across millions of devices and users


The Enterprise-Grade Blockchain

With Shardeum, we finally have a blockchain that can scale infinitely with high decentralization.


What Building A Community-Driven Blockchain Is All About

Do you know what is the beauty of the Internet? The fact is that it is owned by everyone, and available for everyone. This is …


Basics of DeFi for Starters

This blog uncovers some of the basics of DeFi and how it has started helping its users with bank-like financial solutions.

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