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Newsletter: Mainnet Scheduled for Q3/Q4 of 2023


Mainnet Scheduled for Q3/Q4 2023 | Sphinx 1.2 is down 📢

  • Shardeum’s mainnet is scheduled for Q3/Q4 2023, as we focus on stabilizing and completing our betanet features. This decision ensures a thorough testing of the network with the help of community and production readiness. Check the latest roadmap here
  • Sphinx 1.2 went down earlier this week; We thank our community for discovering a new bug on the network that was causing existing active validators to crash & prevent standby validators from becoming active. Our developers are working on a fix and we will update you through our official channels once the network is up and running again
  • Liberty 1.6 & Liberty 2.1 are down because of a known issue and the team is working on a patch for the same
  • Shardeum will publish monthly community updates called Shardeum Updates on our website in line with the OCC principle; You can check out the updates we’ve added for all the months in 2023 through April
  • Shardeum is Borderless program v2 is launched. Check out the program details here and start submitting your blog links! Here’s the program summary:
    • Upgraded program recognizes translators as well
    • Write (or) translate and publish any language blogs to help spread the word about Shardeum
    • Every two weeks, top 3 fresh blogs will win $30 USDT each while random 3 translated blogs will win $20 USDT each

Snaps from Proof of Community Events 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Shardeum Proof of Community campus events
Shardeum Proof of Community events

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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