Shardeum Aug’23 Updates

Greetings from the Shardeum Team!

Hope you had an incredible month of August 😊

Reflecting on all the amazing work done by the Shardeum team this past August, we have quite a few achievements to share.

Here’s how August looked for us  ⤵️

Diving deeper into the details👉

Sphinx Validator & Sphinx Dapp

Sphinx Validator network(Betanet) was launched on February 2nd, 2023 by our co-founders Nischal Shetty and Omar Syed, and the public demo of Sphinx was viewed by over 2.5K people live!

Sphinx Validator is LIVE now and our Betanet metrics for this month are:

  • 13k+ Validators
  • 1.5k+ Smart Contracts
  • 55k+ Accounts
  • 65M + Transactions (Network level + User Transactions)

In June’23, we launched a new parallel testnet for developers and the community, called the Sphinx Dapp in addition to the existing Sphinx network for validators. In just 70 days, we are at 1M transactions, more than 120k accounts and over 15k smart contracts! 🚀

Sphinx Dapp Metrics

Shardeum’s Road to Mainnet

The roadmap outlines a comprehensive view of the crucial features that need to be completed to ensure a successful mainnet launch.

With each feature categorized, described, and assigned tentative go-live dates for both the Sphinx Dapp and Sphinx Validator, the roadmap offers a peek into the team’s progress and plans.

We are excited to share the tentative tech roadmap with you here:

The Notion Board will updated regularly with the latest developments. We look forward to your participation in helping us shape the network’s future.

Shardeum across the globe 🌎

Shardeum’s Head of Ecosystem, Greg Hemmer talked about Shardeum’s approach to solving scalability and growing our ecosystem alongside some of the amazing builders at Ignite Stanford during the Stanford Blockchain Conference!

Our team organized the first-ever #ProofOfCommunity event at the Stanford Blockchain Week in partnership with our amazing supporters from Axelar and Liquifi.

September is going to be full of amazing conferences! We are excited to meet you in person, let us know what all events you will be attending from below 👇

  • Korea Blockchain Week, Seoul (Sept 4 – 10)Permissionless, Austin (Sept 11 – 12)Token2049, Singapore (Sept 13 – 16)Messari Mainnet, NYC (Sept 20 – 22 )ETHGlobal New York (Sept 22 – 24)

Community, Growth & Traction

  1. We have completed 1 year of #ProofOfCommunity events!!
  • Over 200 events globally.
  • Representation in 7 countries across 70 cities.
  • Empowered 12,000+ individuals with Web3 knowledge.
  • Collaborations with amazing 395+ speakers.
  • Invaluable **320+ contributors.**Deployment of more than 3,000 smart contracts!
  1. #POCBackPackingIndia 🎒

The “Proof Of Community Backpacking India” is a unique edition of the larger Proof of Community meetups, with a specific focus on introducing students to the world of Web3.

Here is the link to deep dive into specific city-wise timelines → Proof Of Community – Backpacking India 🎒

So far, we have been to 4 states and 10 colleges!!

  1. The Shardeum community is growing rapidly and is expanding to more countries now like Japan, the Philippines, Singapore & the US.

We are a community of over 800k members across various social channels such as Discord, Twitter(or X), Telegram and Reddit!

Shardeum has become one of the fastest-growing testnets in the world with the support of our community. And this month we crossed 50K members on Telegram!

4.  We have completed over 200 Proof of Community events and in August we organized 25 events across India, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Philippines!

  1. We launched our #AskADevelper series in June to educate the community on the decentralized world of finance, social platforms, storage, and more!

Till now, we have done 5 episodes with over 1000 listeners and developers from amazing projects like The Sandbox, Immutable, Lighthouse, OKX, SupraOracles and many others have joined us to spread awareness around the decentralized world!

Check out the latest episode here 👉

Partnerships & Collaborations

  1. 180+ projects are a part of the Shardeum ecosystem. This includes products that are live on Shardeum today and those that have agreed to support Shardeum and will be live soon.
  2. To expand our ecosystem, this month we have partnered with HyperMove, Mixed Rarity, CopperX, Unilend Finance, Desig, QuillAudits,, Shardstarter, Metakraft, Finceptor, Securedapp, BubbleSwap, Mycel.
  3. 100,000+ mints for the Shardeum Unity NFT Collection on Bandit Network. Bandit is also one of the most active projects in our ecosystem!

1000 Shardeum Graduates: Our partner LearnWeb3 DAO, recently launched a mini-course on the basics of sharding & features of Shardeum where over 1000 Web3 enthusiasts completed the course and earned 2,000 XP & a badge each.

Shardeum – what people are saying about us?

On a mission to empower students across India by introducing them to Web3 and blockchain technology, we launched Proof of Community Backpacking India, which was recently mentioned on several media channels such as Financial Express, Outlook India, CXO Today and India Education Diary.

Our Co-founder Nischal Shetty’s interview with Rolling Stone India

Blockchains are here to stay, and why India needs it – mentioned on ABP Live, one of the prominent media channels in India.

On the occasion of World Entrepreneurs Day, our Co-founder Nischal Shetty was mentioned by Entrepreneur Media as one of the key individuals to play a pivotal role in the world of Web3.

Join forces and help us build Shardeum! 🤝

Shardeum is home to several researchers, engineers, content creators, designers, digital marketers, and Web3 enthusiasts. They are in charge of bringing a high level of decentralization to billions of people for a more equitable society.

  1. We would love your support in Shardeum’s ecosystem growth.

If you are looking to build an application from social to DEX to any category, consider deploying your project on Shardeum


👉 Shardeum Quickstart

The Shardeum Foundation will continue to make further improvements to both the Sphinx testnets. In the meantime, we would appreciate all the help from everyone to test out the Sphinx Validator 1.5.2 network.

👉 How to run a node?

We are hiring for new roles such as QA engineer, Security Engineer, Software Engineer and more! Check out our current Job Openings for more


That’s it for this month!

September is going to be filled with amazing events, key partnerships, expanding our community in the US & Singapore, and some solid progress on the Shardeum Sphinx Validator side which we cannot wait to share. 😊

Please reach out to [email protected] with any thoughts or questions!