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Shardeum Dec’23 Updates

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic start to the year 2024????

In December, we organised India’s biggest Proof of Community event, and hosted our first community event in Rwanda, strengthening our presence in Africa. We completed 300 #POC events across 10 countries, maintaining over 16k nodes on our network consistently, and achieved more milestones!

Here’s how the last month of 2023 looked for us  ⤵️

Now, let’s delve into the details????????

Sphinx Validator & Sphinx Dapp

In December, we rolled out Sphinx Validator version 1.8.2, addressing bug fixes and enhancing network stability.

Since the latest launch, the Shardeum network consistently boasts over 16k nodes!

In-progress and upcoming features for the Mainnet launch include Archiver verification of Validator node data, Perf testing, DAO features, Validator node slashing, Patents, and open-sourcing the Shardeum Explorer code.

The metrics below are since the latest version release –

Shardeum – BornToBuild Campaign

The year concluded with the launch of the Born to Build #ShardHat campaign, showcasing Shardeum’s commitment to empowering talent and innovation. Over 2,000 #ShardHats were distributed to passionate builders who participated in Hackathons and attended our Proof Of Community event during India Blockchain Week.

Community, Growth & Traction

Shardeum’s community is expanding rapidly, reaching countries like the USA, Singapore, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Korea, and Vietnam!

With over 850k community members across Discord, Twitter(or X), Telegram, and Reddit, we’re one of the fastest-growing testnets globally.

Shardeum hosted India’s biggest #ProofOfCommunity event in Bangalore during India Blockchain Week, with an incredible turnout of over 450 enthusiastic builders! We had a fantastic line-up of investors, founders, and builders!

To date, we’ve completed the milestone of organizing over 300 Proof of Community events, with a total attendance of over 18,000 people, across 10 countries!

In December alone, we successfully organized 15 events in 11 cities across India, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Korea, and Vietnam!

We have also seen a 6% increase in number of participants since November.

Community is the CEO of Shardeum. Our community has helped us a lot in testing out the network and in expanding our ecosystem. Hence, we organized an exciting workshop for founders building for the first time in web3 on building a strong community and early believers.

Shardeum Initiatives

Shardeum is Borderless – We’ve launched an initiative to stimulate Web3 growth beyond the English-speaking population. Community members can publish blogs and videos in any language on popular media platforms about Shardeum. To date, we’ve received over 1000 blogs and video submissions from contributors in 47+ countries across 36+ languages. In December alone, 265 guest blogs and videos were submitted by the community! Under this initiative, the Shardeum whitepaper has been translated into 10 languages by community members across 11 countries in November. Languages include Spanish, Bahasa (Indonesian), German, Persian, French, Ukrainian, and more!

Shardeum Leagues are community-run groups that are spreading awareness about Shardeum across the world and sharing its vision of decentralization for everyone. This month, we are stoked to announce that we crossed 65+ leagues!

Shardeum Dapp Boilerplate – A ready-to-go one-stop solution for developers to get their hands straight into code & an easily configurable boilerplate repo to get started.

Ecosystem, Partnerships & Collaborations

400+ projects are in the Shardeum ecosystem pipeline. This includes products that are live on Shardeum today and those that have agreed to support Shardeum and will be live soon at the time of Mainnet.

To expand our ecosystem, Shardeum has partnered with AdLunamEucalyptus Labs, and BlazPay in December. Flipster, one of the world’s fastest-growing exchanges also partnered and co-hosted our #POC event in Bangalore during India Blockchain Week.

Shardeum X Milkroad

In December, we launched our first partnership with Milkroad, a crypto-specific newsletter with over 300,000 subscribers!

OKX partnered with Shardeum for Proof of Community – Backpacking India edition where we covered 47 cities across 25 states in India. With this partnership, OKX successfully onboarded over 3000 new users in India!

Shardeum – what people are saying about us? ????

Our co-founder, Nischal Shetty’s Op-ed in Economic Times on ‘Trend observed in web3 in 2023 and outlook for 2024’ and in DQIndia on ‘how Web3 leverages AI’:

Shardeum’s VP of People, Jereme Holiman’s Op-ed on ‘How Web3 is empowering Indian developers, creating a global tech hub in India’ –

Shardeum’s Head of Fundraising and Ecosystem, Greg Hemmer’s podcast about Shardeum on Living on Blockchain.

Shardeum Committers

The Shardeum team is now 59 members strong!

We recently welcomed Chris Chabot as our Head of Open Source. With decades of experience in building and leading product and developer teams, Chris previously served as the Head of International Developer Relations at Twitter and held various developer-focused leadership roles at Google. He will be working on Shardeum’s initiatives to make our code open-source.

Additionally, we kicked off our holiday season with the last town hall of the year, where teams and leaders discussed their progress, insights, and the next steps ahead!

Join forces and help us build Shardeum!????????

Shardeum is home to several researchers, engineers, content creators, designers, digital marketers, and Web3 enthusiasts. They are in charge of bringing a high level of decentralization to billions of people for a more equitable society.

  1. We would love your support in Shardeum’s ecosystem growth.

If you are looking to build an application from social to DEX to any category, consider deploying your project on Shardeum


???????? Shardeum Quickstart

  1. The Shardeum Foundation will continue to make further improvements to both the Sphinx testnets. In the meantime, we would appreciate all the help from everyone to test out the Sphinx Validator 1.5.2 network.

???????? How to run a node?

  1. Shardeum is looking for Security Engineers, Software Engineers, and General applicants with a drive to make decentralization accessible to all! Check out our current Job Openings for more ????????


That concludes December, and with that, we wrap up the 2023 Updates!

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Shardeum, marked by significant progress on the Sphinx network, bringing us closer to Mainnet.

Thank you for your continuous support, and please reach out to [email protected] with any thoughts or questions!