Shardeum Sept’23 Updates

Hello Shardeum Fam,

Hope you had an amazing month of September 😊

Q3’23 was great for Shardeum!

We made some really great advancements with Shardeum Sphinx Validator and Dapp network, represented Shardeum at various events, and now have close to a million community members supporting our vision of a decentralized future!

Here’s how September looked for us  ⤵️

Diving deeper into the details 👉

Sphinx Validator & Sphinx Dapp 🔨

Sphinx Validator network(Betanet) was launched on February 2nd, 2023 by our co-founders Nischal Shetty and Omar Syed, and the public demo of Sphinx was viewed by over 2.5K people live!

While we are onboarding amazing projects on the Sphinx Dapp network, Sphinx Validator Testnet will be relaunched frequently to deliver new updates faster and to make the network more stable and better.

Once we reach Release Candidate (RC), we will then launch an incentivized Testnet. This will help us test Shardeum at scale.

Here, try running your own node and let us know your feedback: Run Shardeum Validator Node

Our parallel testnet for developers and the community, Sphinx Dapp 1.6.0 is LIVE and includes Network safety mode, RPC support for EstimateGAS to give more accurate costs of transactions, and more such features.

Shardeum’s Road to Mainnet 🚀

The roadmap outlines a comprehensive view of the crucial features that need to be completed to ensure a successful mainnet launch.

With each feature categorized, described, and assigned tentative go-live dates for both the Sphinx Dapp and Sphinx Validator, the roadmap offers a peek into the team’s progress and plans.

We are excited to share the tentative tech roadmap with you here:

The Notion Board will be updated regularly with the latest developments. We look forward to your participation in helping us shape the network’s future.

Shardeum across the globe 🌎

Shardeum made its presence at Token2049, Singapore 🇸🇬 where our team talked about scalability, growing in the APAC region, and building our ecosystem during infra panels, BTS Global network assembly, and also had a chance to interact with our partners and community members.

Our cofounder Nischal Shetty in conversation with the Cryptonauts show during Toke2049 on the solution to Blockchain Trilemma:

Our team organized the first-ever #ProofOfCommunity event at the Korea Blockchain Week 🇰🇷 in partnership with Undefined Labs.

Messari Mainnet was buzzing this year with a lot of great talks and side events. Shardeum hosted a side event in partnership with Struck Crypto, Keyrock Capital and Filecoin!

Our cofounder Nischal Shetty in conversation with the Decrypt Media during Messari Mainnet on Crypto, regulations and more! 👉

We are thrilled to support builders across Middle Eastern regions & introduce them to dynamic state sharding, linear scaling & autoscaling during EthRiyadh 🇸🇦 from 18th Sept to 12th Oct 2023.

Blockchain Life Forum 2023 (October 24-25): Dubai is set to host this event with an expectation of over 7000 attendees. Our cofounder Nischal Shetty, will be one of the speakers at the event.

If you are attending this event, please let us know, would love to catch up and talk about our progress!

Community, Growth & Traction 📈

The Shardeum community is growing rapidly and is expanding to more countries now like the US, Singapore & South Korea!

Shardeum has become one of the fastest-growing testnet in the world with the support of our community. We are a community of over 850k members across various social channels such as Discord, Twitter(or X), Telegram and Reddit!

#POCBackPackingIndia 🇮🇳

The “Proof Of Community Backpacking India” is a unique edition of the larger Proof of Community meetups, with a specific focus on introducing students to the world of Web3.

OKX has now joined us in this epic journey across India to make decentralisation accessible to all.

Here is the link to deep dive into specific city-wise timelines → Proof Of Community – Backpacking India

So far, we have been to 10 states, hosting workshops in 19 colleges for over 1500 students on the basics of web3 & blockchain.

And now Proof of Community is coming to NYC! 🇺🇸

We are hosting our first-ever #POC in NYC on October 5th, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM in partnership with Koala wallet. If you are in NYC, we would love to invite you to kickstart our community building initiative.

RSVP here:

We have completed over 225 Proof of Community events till now and in September we organized 25 events across India, Nigeria, and Kenya!

We launched #AskADevelper series to educate the community on the decentralized world of finance, social platforms, storage, and more!

Till now, we have done 7 episodes with over 1300 listeners and developers from amazing projects like The Sandbox, Immutable, Lighthouse, OKX, SupraOracles and many others have joined us to spread awareness around the decentralized world!

Check out the latest episode here 👉

Shardeum is Borderless: We launched ****an initiative to stimulate the growth of web3 beyond the English-speaking population. Community can publish any language blogs and videos on popular media platforms about Shardeum.

We have received over 135 submissions for this program in September, and through this effort, we are expanding our community in more regions. Over 550 contents have been received so far by contributors from 45+ countries across 28 languages.

The below video was submitted to us by one of our community members in Indonesia 🇮🇩 under the Borderless program to explain Shardeum’s strategic partnership with Aspecta ID 👉

Partnerships & Collaborations 🤝

To expand our ecosystem, this month we have partnered with Akka Finance, Sendtokens, HyperMove, Mixed Rarity, Artifact Systems, Unilend Finance, Blockchain Game Alliance, Zezu (The team that built BlueMove on Aptos built a Shardeum-specific NFT marketplace, Zezu), Symbiosis Finance, Primex Finance, Brine Fi, Safegate, BeyondClub, Kei Fi, Komet, Coinvestor Ventures, Dumbsterssss.

We are seeing a rise of the NFT category in the Shardeum ecosystem. Shardeum community keeps on building and shipping 👉

One of our most active ecosystem partners DotSHM – a naming service on Shardeum recently reached ~50K transactions!

Shardeum – what people are saying about us?

Our cofounder Nischal Shetty introduced Shardeum on ET Now, a prominent Indian National TV, and talked about our unique approach in Sharding to enable blockchain adoption for the masses.

Shardeum’s VP of People, Jereme Holiman was recently covered in Express Counter (part of Financial Express) where he talked about the exciting career opportunities in Web3.

Our Co-founder Nischal Shetty was recently mentioned in Business Standard, Business Today, Financial Express, APN news, The Week, and Free Press Journal as one of the best crypto leaders in India!

Nischal’s op-ed in the Economic Times on understanding the advantages and disadvantages of decentralization in Blockchain.

Join forces and help us build Shardeum!

Shardeum is home to several researchers, engineers, content creators, designers, digital marketers, and Web3 enthusiasts. They are in charge of bringing a high level of decentralization to billions of people for a more equitable society.

  1. We would love your support in Shardeum’s ecosystem growth.

If you are looking to build an application from social to DEX to any category, consider deploying your project on Shardeum


👉 Shardeum Quickstart

  1. The Shardeum Foundation will continue to make further improvements to both the Sphinx testnets. In the meantime, we would appreciate all the help from everyone to test out the Sphinx Validator 1.5.2 network.

👉 How to run a node?

  1. Shardeum is looking for Security Engineers, and Software Engineers with a drive to make decentralization accessible to all! Check out our current Job Openings for more


That’s it for this month!

October is going to be the month of key partnerships, expanding our community in the US, and some solid progress on the Shardeum Sphinx Dapp side which we cannot wait to share. 😊