Newsletter: 300K+ Members on Shardeum Discord; Sphinx Validator Client Updates

Newsletter: 300K+ Members on Shardeum Discord; Sphinx Validator Client Updates

Last week's newsletter covers project's epic growth on Discord to 300k+ members, validator client updates & pics from Shardeum event at...

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  • We are pleased and thankful to announce that Shardeum Discord server is 300,000+ members strong. Here is the blog recognizing some of the people behind this growth
  • SHM tokenomics model on the website is already a top ranking webpage within 1 week of its launch with 8k+ views. Read about the MVP model and simulate your future SHM validator rewards using our simulator
  • Our developer team has duly taken note of issues w.r.t validator client on Sphinx. With over 25k validators on Sphinx, v1.1.7 was released to provide our devs with the required diagnostic tools to help resolve validator issues. v1.1.8 will be made live soon that will include patches to stabilize the validator client. We appreciate your continuous understanding and support
  • Shardeum invites event organizers and developers to sign up for our Proof-of-Community program to help with educating others about Web3 in return for exciting perks

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  • Are you new to Shardeum? Join our weekly onboarding call here on Shardeum Discord and our experts will guide you on best practices, how you can start contributing to the project and what is in it for you
  • 25 USDT for 3 winners every week up for grabs: Participate, and publish Shardeum project-related blogs on a reputable blogging platform in any language, and submit this form for a chance to win 25 USDT under Shardeum is Borderless program
  • Want to build a crowdfunding dapp, create smart contracts? Our latest edition of Proof of Community events include workshops on how anyone can deploy smart contracts, build crowdfunding dapps among others. Find and register for IRL events taking place in nearby cities here 

Shardeum @ Vietnam | Students deploying contracts 🚀👨‍💻

Shardeum Proof of Community event in Vietnam
Shardeum Proof of Community event campus college

Top Reads of the Week 💡

Early Snaps of Shardeum team @ Consensus 2023 📸

Shardeum @ Consensus 2023
Shardeum @ Consensus 2023

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