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Shardeum Updates: Week 34

Here’s a recap of what happened previous week at Shardeum:


  • We tested and prepared for, and presented the Liberty 2.0 demo where we demonstrated 100 TPS with sharding capabilities on August 13, 2022. Check it out here.
  • We presented our network cycle protocol simulation results.
  • We set up the AMM front-end for Liberty 2.0 demo which supports EIP2930, and implemented load tester to support EIP2930 accessList for AMM testing.
  • We also researched various ways to send accessList via Metamask, nonce management and validation on EVM.
  • We tested and debugged and made fixes in archiver support in sharded network, node reward on sharded network, and RPC server continuity issue.
  • We continue to interview folks for our development team.


  • We’re in the process of setting up an Indian subsidiary of the Shardeum foundation.
  • Meanwhile, we continue to onboard and engage with investors from the Shardeum seed round.

Marketing & Comms

  • Last week, our team attended Web3Conf India in Goa and met some cool builders.
  • We prepared an overall calendar for social and community channels which also includes webinars and virtual events.
  • We completed our first campus webinar at AC Patil college of Technology as a part of our Shardeum Campus Webinar Series.

Areas where you – our community – can help us:

  • If you have any PR contacts or podcasts recommendations where we can introduce Shardeum, reach out to (or #betamode on Discord)
  • We’re working on hosting webinars. If you have any recommendations for speakers, please let us know.
  • We are planning to conduct free webinars for colleges and corporates. Please fill this form if you are interested, or refer to someone who will be interested.


Stay updated about Shardeum

Open positions at Shardeum:

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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