THNDR Games Releases New Bitcoin Blocks Puzzle Game

THNDR Games Releases New Bitcoin Blocks Puzzle Game

Explore the latest release from THNDR Games, a new Bitcoin Blocks puzzle game. Experience the thrill of solving puzzles with cryptocurrency...

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Well-known Bitcoin game developer THNDR Games has released a new Bitcoin game called the Bitcoin Blocks, and it promises to be just as exciting as the previous games from the developer group. As per the official description of Bitcoin Blocks, it combines elements of popular block puzzle games like woodoku, sudoku, and tetris.

Bitcoin Blocks will pit players against each other to earn BTC based on their scores. As Desiree Dickerson, the CEO of THNDR Games put it, Bitcoin Blocks combines the joy of gaming with the thrill of speculation associated with the crypto markets, as “Crypto games generally are really kind of centered around the idea of speculation…”. 

And so THNDR Games releases a play to earn Bitcoin Blocks puzzle game, but how does this game really work, and what else has THNDR Games put out in the world for Bitcoin enthusiasts? 

If you’re wondering all that, you got lucky. In this post, we answer exactly those questions! 

What is THNDR Games?

What is THNDR Games?
Source| THNDR Games Launches Play to Earn Bitcoin Blocks Puzzle Game

First things first, what is THNDR Games? As the team describes themselves, “THNDR is a next generation competitive gaming platform and a suite of developer tools for powering mobile games and applications with real-world value.” So THNDR makes play-to-earn mobile Bitcoin games aimed at Android and iOS users. 

In doing so, THNDR Games makes use of the models of classic card games like Solitaire (that have mass appeal and bring a familiar and fun gaming environment to users) to help users learn about Bitcoin and earn their very first taste of Bitcoin and crypto in general.

Therefore, using Bitcoin play to earn games, THNDR Games brings BTC to the mainstream gamer audience, along with offering Bitcoin game development tools to other developers and businesses. Notably, THNDR Games has been launching games on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network since 2019.

THNDR releases new Bitcoin games intermittently to serve its mission, and Bitcoin Blocks is the latest among them. THNDR Games launches the play-to-earn Bitcoin Blocks puzzle game to let players earn BTC while solving intricate puzzles; let’s find out more about it!

Blog Highlights

1. THNDR Games launches a new Bitcoin Blocks puzzle, offering players the opportunity to earn Bitcoin through competitive gameplay.

2. The game combines elements of popular block puzzle games like woodoku and sudoku, providing a unique and challenging experience for users.

3. THNDR Games introduces features like Leagues and Gaming Graph to enhance the social competitive aspect of Bitcoin Blocks.

4. With a focus on introducing Bitcoin to mainstream gamers, THNDR Games has previously released five other Bitcoin play-to-earn games, each with its own unique gameplay style.

5. Other games: Solitaire, Bounce, Snake, Bubble Shooter - all with a Bitcoin twist.

6. THNDR Games aims to bring Bitcoin to a wider audience through familiar and entertaining games. Bitcoin Blocks adds a social element with leagues and a "Gaming Graph" for building your reputation.

Bitcoin Blocks Explained  

Bitcoin Blocks is a block-stacking, brain teaser puzzle-based play-to-earn game that lets you win bitcoin. THNDR Games offers this to gamers who love and excel at solving puzzles that are pretty hard to crack. With Bitcoin Blocks, no two rounds are ever the same, and so every time you start to play this offering from THNDR Games, you face a brand new and utterly unique challenge.

You still get to play in the regular mode for a challenging yet relaxing round, but the real fun comes when you step up and compete with other players in leagues. 

So what do we know so far about the Bitcoin gaming company THNDR Games’ latest product?

  • With Bitcoin Blocks, traditional gamers, and BTC lovers can test their problem-solving skills against other players.
  • When players compete against each other in Bitcoin Blocks, they stand to earn free Bitcoin as a reward based on their scores in the game.
  • Bitcoin Blocks combines the unadulterated joy of puzzle-solving and competition with like-minded peers
  • The game borrows elements of classic games like sudoku and tetris.
  • It is available for Android and iOS users on the THNDR mobile gaming platform. 
  • Bitcoin Blocks is the first game to showcase THNDR Games’ newly developed social competitive layer and features, including Leagues- a leveling protocol which makes community members face off against each other in gameplay.
  • As a part of the game release, THNDR Games has also introduced a feature called the Gaming Graph. What’s that all about? Read ahead to find out 🙂

What is Gaming Graph?

Gaming Graph allows all users to connect their THNDR Games profiles on the decentralized social networking platform Nostr. Gaming Graph is a reputation-building, badging system that lets users earn ‘badges’ for the various milestones they achieve during gameplay, which can then be transferred to other parts of the burgeoning web3 ecosystem.  

With Gaming Graph, users can display their badges on their Nostr profiles to create a gaming identity for themselves across web3 social media. 

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What Other Games Have THNDR Games Released?

Before Bitcoin Blocks, THNDR Games has already released five other BTC play-to-earn games till date, all with the goal to introduce BTC to users through entertainment-first gameplay. 

These five games would be:

  1. Club-Bitcoin Solitaire: This is a Bitcoin-powered game inspired by the classic game of Solitaire. Users can play their favorite game of cards while earning BTC as a reward upon victory.
  2. Bitcoin Bounce: Players need to bounce along the blockchain as far as they can make it to earn rewards in this pretty straightforward Bitcoin play-to-earn game.
  3. Turbo 84: This is a lane-changing Bitcoin game from THNDR Games. Your goal is to reach as high as 100 mph while somehow keeping yourself from crashing, and of course, BTC is your reward. 
  4. Bitcoin Snake: The classic mobile game wrapped in nostalgia- Snake, has been presented by THNDR Games with the added perk of BTC rewards upon winning.
  5. Bitcoin Bubble Shooter: On the more relaxed side of the games THNDR Games offers, with this one, users simply play a seaside bubble shooter game to win bitcoin.


Bitcoin Blocks is only the latest from the veteran Bitcoin game developers THNDR Games, and it is also quite possibly the one with the highest stakes and great rewards to back it up so far, with features like Leagues and Gaming Graph incorporated. If you are looking to get into the world of BTC in a low-risk way, THNDR Games just might be offering you the most fun journey you can go on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are Crypto Games?

Crypto games are blockchain-based games that may put new, play to earn spins to popular traditional games or introduce new concepts altogether. Typically, these games allow you to earn from master gameplay, and the rewards are distributed in one or multiple cryptocurrencies. 

2. How is Gaming related to Crypto?

Crypto has been incorporated into multiple industries to introduce the benefits of decentralized finance, and the gaming sector is just one of them. Gaming associated with crypto brings advantages to users such as earning rewards in crypto and being able to transfer their rewards to non-native applications for trading, holding, or other activities without any involved from a third party to mediate the affairs.

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