Newsletter: Shardeum’s Unique Tokenomics Model Released!

Newsletter: Shardeum’s Unique Tokenomics Model Released!

Shardeum (SHM) unique tokenomics model & dashboard was launched on 19th April with a live demo and almost 1500 viewers joining in. Read...

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  • Shardeum (SHM) tokenomics model & dashboard was launched on 19th April with a live demo and almost 1500 viewers joining in
  • The dashboard released is the minimal viable product which will be built and refined with help of community in the upcoming weeks. Check it out, test and simulate node rewards on our website –  
  • The dashboard contains the following:
    1. Shardeum’s node reward strategy
    2. Shardeum’s unique tokenomics model
    3. It will allow community/validators to run node reward simulations and calculate the node income based on network price action
    4. Feedback form to report bugs and suggest new features
  • This is a huge landmark for the project considering the tokenomics has to be unique like the project itself with its standby nodes concept and linear scalability
  • The tokenomics model enables Shardeum Foundation/DAO to try and ensure there is always an equilibrium level of SHM supply (less than the max supply), low gas fees forever, and profitability for validators irrespective of the price and transaction action

  Don’t Miss Out on These! ✅

  • Shardeum welcomes Chief Growth Officer, Kelsey McGuire who comes with wealth of experience in Web3 marketing leadership roles at ConsenSys, CoinFund among others
  • 25 USDT for 3 winners every week up for grabs: Participate, and publish Shardeum project-related blogs on a reputable blogging platform in any language, and submit this form for a chance to win 25 USDT under Shardeum is Borderless program
  • Movie fans, gear up! Tune into our latest edition of Dapp Library on 25th April and get introduced to wowTalkies who is the world’s first fan engagement-platform for movie fans
  • Take home 50 USDT with our Telegram quiz: Participate in Telegram quiz here, test your knowledge on Shardeum and stand a chance to win 50 USDT
  • Tips to grow your own community by committer Chandresh: Tune into Community Hours on Discord where our social media/community lead, Chandresh, will guide you on how to build and grow your community
  • Want to build a crowdfunding dapp, create smart contracts? Our latest edition of Proof of Community events include workshops on how anyone can deploy smart contracts, build crowdfunding dapps among others. Find and register for IRL events taking place in nearby cities here 

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proof of community Shardeum
proof of community Shardeum

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