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Sphinx 1.3 is Live! Run Validators and Deploy Your Dapps

Sphinx 1.3 is Live! Run Validators and Deploy Your Dapps

Shardeum Sphinx 1.3 went live on 19th May. Install and run your node on the network easily. Developers can start deploying dapps on the...

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  • Sphinx 1.3 went live last week on 19th May
    • Dapp Builders: You can now deploy your smart contract/dapps on the network by following our docs guide
    • Existing Validators: Before installing the new validator, reset your MetaMask wallet by going to => settings > advanced > clear activity tab data
    • Install the Validator (both new and existing validators) –
  • Sphinx 1.3 upgrade includes the following –
    • Support for pre-compiled contracts
    • Fix for EVM block 192000 DAO hard fork issue
    • Performance improvements for data caching
    • Patches for bugs which caused Sphinx 1.2 to crash
    • Greater logging coverage for more visibility while debugging
    • Performance improvements for validator to validator communications
    • Fix issue when a TX creates multiple contracts with matching codebytes

Proof of Community Campus Events ????‍????‍????‍????

Shardeum Proof of Community campus workshop event
Shardeum Proof of Community campus workshop event

Don’t miss out on these! ✅

  • Vietnam, Nigeria and India Shardeum Proof of Community events this weekend: Register and join us by visiting our events page on the website 
  • Meet FoxWallet used by 100k+ users on our Discord channel next week in our latest Dapp Library edition
  • A chance to win 50 USDT: Join our weekly quiz next week on Discord and test your knowledge about Shardeum 
  • Shardeum is Borderless program now has rewards for translators as well. Here’s the program summary –
    • Upgraded program recognizes translators with a reward of 20 USDT distributed every two weeks to 3 random winners
    • The program continues to recognize bloggers who publish fresh contents with a reward of 30 USDT distributed every two weeks to 3 top winners
    • Make sure to check out the program details here for tips to win

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