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Shardeum Updates: Week 36

Here’s a recap of what we happened previous week at Shardeum:


  • Last week, we debugged and restarted a bad node for Liberty 2.0, and routed contract calls to randomly selected consensus group nodes instead of home nodes.
  • We also debugged app update, OOS issues, and AMM calls failing in sharded network under the network load and discovered problem with “shardeumState” and “transactionState”.
  • We worked on some major refactoring work in shardeum validator to solve issues which overlapped with long ETH calls and transactions. It is pending testing.
  • We reviewed Shardeum code for SHM transfer on failure transactions, extended malicious shard simulation to support node rotation, and wrote a program that uses worker threads and sends messages across threads.
  • We continued testing and improving on multiple archivers.


  • We’re in the process of setting up an Indian subsidiary of the Shardeum foundation.
  • Meanwhile, we continue to onboard and engage with investors from the Shardeum seed round.

Marketing & Comms

  • We organized our first-ever IRL meetup in Bengaluru with the help of our committers and community members.
  • We recorded an episode of Sharding Series with our contributor, Ricky; we continued working on recording more episodes as well as editing them.
  • We continued conducting our onboarding calls and moderator calls, and planning for our upcoming meetups and in-person university seminars.
  • We finalized rewards for past contributions from a written content perspective for the Super Shardian initiative; it will be published to the community soon.
  • We’re also working on Liberty dApps showcase videos and reaching out to developers building on Shardeum.

Areas where you – our community – can help us:

  • If you have any PR contacts or podcasts recommendations where we can introduce Shardeum, reach out to (or #betamode on Discord)
  • We’re working on hosting webinars. If you have any recommendations for speakers, please let us know.
  • We are planning to conduct free webinars for colleges and corporates. Please fill this form if you are interested, or refer to someone who will be interested.


Stay updated about Shardeum

Open positions at Shardeum:

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