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Level 2 - Decentralization

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What are three primary types of blockchain clients?

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Which of the following is the primary benefit of decentralization in the context of censorship resistance?

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Which decentralized technology allows users to access web content and services without relying on traditional domain names and centralized DNS?

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Which of the following does NOT represent decentralization in the Decentralized Finance or DeFi industry?

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Which blockchain consensus mechanism promotes decentralization by allowing any participant to contribute to the network's security and governance, albeit, by using expensive and powerful hardware?

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Which of the following best describes how decentralization operates in blockchain networks?

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Which is the most significant indicator of a highly decentralized blockchain/Web3 network?

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What is the benefit of decentralization in blockchain networks?

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Which of the following best describes a blockchain “client”?

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Which of the following is what makes it possible for a group of strangers to work together to build and maintain a shared database like blockchain, without needing to trust each other?

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