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What Building A Community-Driven Blockchain Is All About

What Building A Community-Driven Blockchain Is All About

Do you know what is the beauty of the Internet? The fact is that it is owned by everyone, and available for everyone. This is where the concept of OCC comes in. Shardeum is being built on the guiding...

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Do you know what is the beauty of the Internet? The fact is that it is owned by everyone, and available for everyone. This is where the concept of OCC comes in. Shardeum is being built on the guiding principles of OCC, i.e., Open, Collaborative, Community-driven. It’s a mental model that Shardeum Committers are following to ensure that team knowledge is equal to public knowledge. i.e., anyone on the internet will have access to discussions, information, ideas, documents, and just about anything about the project. 

Did you know: you can attend our weekly standup sessions also on Discord. While this was strange at first, sharing what we’re working on and showcasing our contributions among our community was quite a liberating experience, and made us reaffirm that we’re in this together! It’s also been a big motivator. We conduct our growth updates standup every Monday at 9 PM IST (3:30 PM UTC) on Discord, and you’re always welcome to listen in 🙂

Shardeum is an open-sourced project, and we need YOU – our community – to help us build and grow it. Within a week, the Shardeum Discord server has crossed 3000 members, and the enthusiasm you’ve shown is admirable. So many of you reached out to the Committers asking how they can also be a part of it and contribute. The Shardeum community consists of two roles: Contributors, and Committers. If you’re familiar with coding, you’ll know that a contributor is someone who contributes to the project in any capacity, whereas a committer can review and commit those changes.

How can you become a contributor?

Join our Discord server to connect with the community. What happens next? Nothing, you find your tribe and start contributing wherever you believe that you can add value to the project. You do not need to contact Committers or seek permission to start contributing. 

Fill up this google form

Where can you contribute? Anywhere.

  • If you’re a content writer, you can start creating educational content for Shardeum. You can publish on your own blog or share the draft with us. We can even publish it on the Shardeum blog and share it across our networks
  • If you wish to create awareness around Shardeum on Reddit, Quora, BitcoinTalk, go ahead
  • If you want to contribute to tech, get started

Tag any of the Committers on Discord if you want any help or have any questions.

On a side note, we are building a brand new website for Shardeum and looking for contributors for:

  1. Developer
  2. Designer
  3. Content Writer
  4. Product Manager
  5. Quality (Testing)

Repo link: https://github.com/Shardeum/shardeum-website

How can you become a committer?

In order to become a committer, you have to be an active contributor. If you’ve been actively contributing to Shardeum for at least 1 month, you can apply to become a committer. We’ll share a list of open positions soon and you can apply to commit based on your interests.

Meanwhile, we’re also working out an incentive program to reward active contributors, and will keep you posted on the same. If you have any ideas, please share on Discord!

Don’t wait, start contributing now. Let’s BUIDL together!

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